A short history of gifts for newborns

As one might expect, throughout human cultures, the birth of a new baby has been considered an important mile stone in the life of any person who has just become a parent. For tens of thousands of years the arrival of a newborn baby has been considered an extremely important occasion and a time of celebration throughout human cultures. A week after the birth of a new baby, the ancient Greeks would perform a ceremony known as amphidromia, which would involve the father of the newly born baby walking around the hearth several times. On the tenth day after birth, a mother and her new child would rejoin family and community life following her recuperation, and this occasion would be celebrated with a feast to which extended family and friends would be invited. The goddess Eileithyia was considered to be the patron of gifts for newborns, and shrines to her were erected on the outskirts of many ancient Greek cities. Often the gifts given on the occasion of the birth of a child would, like today, be practical presents related to the raising of a new baby: infant dresses, cloths, and the like. Here’s a baby shower gifts for sale! just click the hyperlink provided.

In many countries of Europe in the mediaeval period, wealthy noble families would appoint many god parents to their new born children in order to receive presents from each. God parents were expected to buy baby gifts: spoons made of silver were particularly popular among the rich, which is the source of the expression ‘born with a silver spoon in their mouth’. The church eventually had to crack down on the appointment of a large number of god parents merely to receive many presents with the birth of each baby, trying to re emphasise the intended role of god parents in providing spiritual and religious guidance and instruction their god children. Another popular present, especially in southern European countries such as Italy, was the baptismal tray, which was painted with good wishes for the future health of the newly born infant. More sales and quality baby shower gifts here, click this to see more.

Although the arrival of a newborn baby is a time of much excitement and happiness for most new parents, it is also an extremely stressful time, so just being around and offering your time and support can help. Obviously you do not want to out wear your welcome and become a bother for the new parents, but particularly if you know them well, you may want, if you are able to, to offer your help from time to time around the house or looking after the baby: stressed and sleep deprived new parents are sure to appreciate this more than any other gift as long as you get the balance right between being helpful and being overbearing. What this balance will be will of course depend on the particular parents and the closeness and type of your relationship with them.