Advantages Of Bean Bags Over Chairs

There was once a time that people did not think about using the same appliance for sitting as well as reclining. Chairs were only used for sitting and bed were mainly used for reclining. But today, sitting and reclining have married each other and hence the existence of something called bean bags. Bean bags come in various shapes and sizes and can be found at various places such as restaurants, nurseries, classrooms and houses. Here is why you should choose a bean bag over a chair.

They Are Versatile in Shape

As compared to chairs, bean bags are pretty versatile. In the same way designer nappy bags online are also available in the market and have wide varieties of colors.  While you can use a chair only on a limited number of postures, a bean bag, on the other hand, can be used on a range of postures without making you uncomfortable. What is more, they are portable and can be easily stuffed into the back of a car to be taken wherever you wish them to be taken, such as a trip or a picnic.


A bean bag is supportive to your posture as compared to a chair. This is especially true when it comes to little kids about these and get more information about bean bags for kids, who develop flat head syndrome when seated in chairs, strollers or car seats for too long. A bean bag, being cushiony, take the shake of the baby’s head, instead of putting pressure on it. In fact, many doctors recommend bean bags for children and those who have posture deformities.

The Colours

Chairs come only in a limited number of colours. Good quality chairs come in even less a number of colours. If you require a chair to match your baby’s sky blue nursery, chances are that you may have to get one custom made and custom painted. Bean bags, on the other hand come in a variety of colours. If you need a particular colour to match a particular room or a theme, all you have to do is to ask for a bean bag cover in that particular colour. If you are one of those people who believe in changing the theme of a room every once in a three months, with a bean bag, all you have to do is to change the cover. In fact, you can get several coloured covers done all at once in order to be cost effective.


A bean bag can last longer than a chair. Once a chair breaks, you cannot use it any longer. But bean bags rarely break and even if their covers get damaged or torn, you can always replace them. The same goes if the covers are out of fashion or faded as well. Simply look up a new design, a new colour and you have a new bean bag at your hands.