Best Baby Shower Gifts For Moms Who Already Have Kids

A mom who is expecting her second, thirds or fourth child, probably has all the major things she needs such as prams, cots, toys etc. that she used for her older children. Such items are durable and hence she would’ve saved them up. The most needed stuff would be the daily items such as wet wipes, diapers, baby bibs etc. without which she cannot pass a day. However, these essentials will be bought by all so what else could you gift her that would make her happy? Here are a few unique ideas.

  • Babysitting
    If you ask any mom with a newborn and older kids, the most common answer would be ‘a break’. Taking some time off her hectic schedule with the kids is essential to calm herself down. So, you could offer to be with the kids for a day so that she could have her alone time and get some rest. Assure her that the kids will be fine with you, so that she could go off to wherever she likes without worrying. She might simply need a few hours to take a long warm bath, read a book, do some shopping or simply take a walk in the park. If the baby falls asleep while you are there and the mother is out, make yourself useful. Give a helping hand by doing the laundry, ironing, cleaning the living room cluttered by kids backpacks or doing some leftover dishes.
  • A pamper day
    You might think of gifting some scented candles, soaps and even giving her breakfast in bed. But do you think she could enjoy a long bath with the children screaming outside the bathroom door? Not really. The best you could give is a day away from all that noise and chores. Gift a salon card that would entitle her an entire day of spa and salon treatment. She’d love the pampering massages, manicure and pedicures, oil treatments etc. and return home refreshed and cheerful.
  • Storage boxes
    People would gift so many stuff but none think where the mom-to-be will put them. After a baby shower or a few visits from relatives and friends, her home will be filled with clutter. The best you could give her are a few storage boxes. The older kids will love their own toy boxes and book cabinets. These could be much more worth than designer baby shoes and other fancy stuff.

    • Family photo session