How To Do Toilet Training At Home

For many parents toilet training can pose to be a challenge. There are certain children who show a natural urge to use the toilet once they understand the purpose of it but often parents need to take up persistent guidance and tactics by which they can teach a toddler how to start using the toilet. There are several methods to potty train and every parent might find certain methods useful while certain methods might not apply for one.

Getting undressed method
One of the methods of teaching a child how to use the potty might involve getting undressed in order to go to the toilet. The child needs to understand that, the toilet is a place you go to when you wish to relieve yourself. Every time the child needs to go to the bathroom, the undressing part has to be stressed and then the child needs to be placed on the toilet. There might be considerable cleaning up to be done consequently for which designer baby bags can come in handy.

Establish a routine
For older children or for toddlers the frequency or the intervals in which the toilet needs to be used has to be specified and demonstrated accordingly. By taking the child to the toilet at the time he or she needs to relieve themselves or when a parent suspects that the child needs to go will help them associate the toilet with relieving themselves. At this time the diapers need to be removed though in certain emergency situations they might be needed for which they should always be carried in designer baby bags.

Positive reinforcement
The other method is to provide positive reinforcement to the child every time he or she is able to use the potty properly. That will help them to know that they have done the right thing and they will be able to indicate their need to go to the toilet even if they cannot climb up and sit there by themselves. There are many potty seats and stools that are available which children can utilize to relieve themselves and can use without the help of parents.

Persistent efforts
The initial stages of potty training might be long and frustrating. As most children are used to diapers, they need to be taught to give signals when they wish to use the toilet which can be an ordeal. However, by keeping a lookout for the signs and taking a child to the toilet every time he or she needs to go will help them to make the association soon enough. Parents might have to keep them diaper free for some time to make them aware of their needs and how to inform their care givers appropriately.