How To Look Cool And Stylish, Even While Struggling With Your Kids?

Offer to baby sit the baby at any chosen time or day; giving them the freedom to go out on a date, or simply sleep while their baby is being taken care of.

Are you tired of looking like a harassed parent? If so, here are our tips for looking cool and stylish, even while you struggle with your kids…

Dress for efficiency and style

Most parents understand pretty early on that when you travel with or handle a child, you eventually get your clothes messed up. This is especially true if your children happen to be toddlers. As a result, most parents tend to under dress, or dress only for comfort. This is basically what gives you that classic, overwhelmed parent look. Instead, consider dressing for efficiency and style. Yes, comfort is very important; but it shouldn’t be the only criteria for selecting clothes. You’d be surprised at how even the ordinary jeans could look paired with the right shirt or top…

Carry the right bags

New born babies certainly need a lot of attention; and they tend to have a lot of “accidents”. These only seem to grow while your children growmaking it important that you have a spare change of clothes or diapers at hand for emergencies. So it goes without saying that you will have to use a diaper bag for this purpose. You can very well carry a “mom bag instead”, a purse that doubles as a diaper bag. But instead, if you opt for designer nappy bags; it will help you look chic instead of harried. When your kids grow older, and you have to run behind them, opt for a cross body handbag.

The right shoes make all the difference

A stylish nappy bag might make carting around your child’s things easier, but it still won’t do quite enough to make you feel chic and less of a harassed parent. If you are a mom who’s always seen parading around in comfortable shoes, perhaps that’s where you have to change things up just a little. Keeping the comfort factor, consider changing into flat sandals instead of shoes. Select a design that flatters he shape of your feet, naturally making you look and feel chic and elegant. Trust us, you’ll feel less of a harassed parent in no time.

Travel in style

Travel becomes a little bit difficult until you learn to understand your growing kids entirely. For example, some parents have found that travelling with their kids is much easier after their child has had a restful sleep. Other parents have found that having them occupied, like while watching a movie or cartoon, keeps them feeling less irritated and less inclined to make a fuss while flying. Find out what it is that your child requires. Once you have, travelling in style will be no issue!