Mistakes To Avoid When Putting Your Infant To Bed

As a parent one thing you need to be very careful about is your baby’s sleep. If they don’t get enough sleep then they will be cranky and also will not have enough energy to play either. When your child is crying it is natural for you to try your best in putting them to sleep just to get a peace of mind. Here are few mistakes most parents make while putting their infant to sleep and make sure you avoid it.

The sleeping patterns change overtime

You need to know that sleeping patterns of your infant will have its moods. Some days your newborn will sleep as soon as you feed him/her, however, breastfeeding takes a long time and can be painful. Other days they might need more in attention so after feeding you could put your baby to the cot and keep swinging it till he/she falls asleep. If your newborn shows major change in the sleeping cycles then do not ignore it. There could be something wrong so you should rush to a baby sleep specialist Melbourne. However, if you are a lucky parent whose infant doesn’t trouble while sleeping, then you should know that it won’t last and overtime you might have to make few changes in their bed time routine.

Avoid Dangerous positions

As mentioned above breastfeeding is a time consuming process and most of the time even mothers’ end up sleeping while feed their newborn. It is natural for an exhausted new mother to fall asleep with her baby in her arms. This can be a very dangerous position as there is a risk of you dropping the baby. So make sure while breastfeeding you are always on the middle of the bed and not on the edge of it. It would be even better if you have someone else in the room so they can look after the baby when you are napping.

Check on your sleep

Parenting is a tough job and initial few months after giving birth are very hard on mothers. It is likely that you are sleep deprived especially if your child wakes up at night. You should make sure that you have adequate amount of sleep in order to take care of your infant. This could be difficult because according to baby sleep therapy your infant should be in the same room as you which means your sleep gets disturbed when the infant cries. So take turns, you could feed the baby and then leave it on the father to put the baby to sleep. Most of the new mothers exhaust themselves so much which affects their child as well.

Lastly don’t change their sleeping patterns just because your child is teething.