Stay Offline

As soon as you get pregnant ban yourself from baby products online, there is no earthly reason why you need to buy half of the items they have for sale. Your baby needs clothes, bottles for feeding, blankets, a bed, a bath, nappies and a pram and car seat, other than that they are pretty right. A new born baby’s main concern is pooping, weeing, feeding and sleeping and there are really not all that many products needed to let a baby accomplish all that.
When they get  little older they need a nursery rocking chair and some plates and cups and utensils and more clothes, now they are interested in pooping, weeing, eating and staying awake as long as possible so they don’t miss out on anything interesting, which to a baby is everything. They will try to stay awake so long that they will get cranky and cry for no reason and then suddenly there will be no noise and this is because they have found their way behind the television and fallen asleep while you were out hanging clothes on the line.
So some barriers might be in order and safety locks on cupboards, to keep curious fingers away from various poisonous substances, all of these things can be found at the local shops and there is no need to get special slings and bottles and dummies that are specifically made to support proper tooth development, swings that are going to send the kid to sleep, special night lights and soothing sea sounds so the child will go to the sleep to a whale song.
All of these things though very nice and supposedly helpful are a waste of money, your kid does not care whether it has the latest pram or the best cot mattress in Australia, they want your attention and that is it, wait and save your money because as soon as they hit the school yard and get into the higher grades then they will start to care about who has what and why can’t I have one. All that money you saved on baby products you can now use to keep your child in the latest gadgets and fashion trends.
These are the years you need to be having some cash available and it is not cheap to look good as a ten year old anymore or to stay in touch with all your prepubescent school friends. The rule should be no matter what age they are if they don’t really need it then they don’t get it, if it is not essential to their survival, education and personal development then they can miss out and learn to deal or earn pocket money so they can buy their own stuff, earning pocket money comes under the title personal development and how to manage finances, one skill they all need to learn the earlier the better.